Afriponics SA

Afriponics SA

Happy, Healthy Fish

Fish growout domes at night Round tanks fit neatly into our round geodesic domes! Homemade domes keep the water warm and the weather out.
These are our beautiful Cape Bream. They taste as good as they look! Our symbiotic aquaponic system means we are twice as productive for half the impact. Vibrant green lettuce

The Fish

We exclusively farm Nile Tilapia (Oreochromus niloticus), a delicious, mild-flavoured fish with delicate white meat.

Cape Bream will be a firm favourite once you try it. It is suitable for the pan, oven, or braai and goes great with sauces. We care about our fish, and we eat them ourselves. This means that we adhere to the highest standards when growing our fish. This results in happy, healthy fish that taste great!

We provide fish in all quantites, starting from R30/kg. Please use the email address below if you'd like to get in touch about ordering fish.

The Farm

The farm is situated in the West Coast between Phildelphia and Melkbosstrand.

The fish growing system is a recirculating aquaculture system that uses new technology and old wisdom to produce healthy, happy fish in a low-impact, enironmentally friendly way. The aquaponic system, whereby plants and fish are grown in a symbiotic system, means that water use is low and zero pesticides are used. We care very much about making a differnce in farming. That's why we are always striving to perfect the system we use, reduce waste, and ensure we produce the best and healthiest food we can.

Our mission is simple: make farming sustainble and earth-friendly.

The Tech

The farm uses a wide range of micro-controllers, primarily Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, all connected in real-time to each other and the Internet

Environmental variables such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, insolation, etc. are constantly monitored and recorded by a suite of embedded sensors. This allows us to optimize our growing conditions, be alerted to any problems with either the fish tanks or grow beds, and to control all the various pumps, lights, and air blowers found all over the farm. This gives us great peace of mind, frees us up from having to do 3am rounds, and arms us with real data with which to optimize our growing system.

All our technology is designed, built, and tested in-house.


The Team


Chris Wilkes

CEO & Founder

Started the farm way back in 2014. Chris loves sustainable farming, new farming technology, and finding new ways to farm more with less. He wants to build the farm of the future.


Wellos Mandevu


Wellos puts us all to shame with his work ethic. I call him Dr Greenthumb but he doesnt get the Cypress Hill reference. A real wizard when it comes to plants.


Please get in touch with questions, comments, order enquiries, anything! We love to talk fish!